Steam Tug 1910


Zank is a harbour tug who works for captain zero and the z stacks.

Early DaysEdit

In 1920 the z stacks found a tugboat that has a no name it was standing in the middle of the ocean. Zorran ask the tugboat what;s his name but an unnamed tugboat dosen't have a name

but zorran and the z stacks had an idea they will bring an unnamed tugboat to captain zero and give him a new name. The next morning captain zero ask zorran about an unnamed tugboat zorran says he dosen't have a name

then captain zero had decide to name this new tugboat and he decided to call him zank the no.9 harbour tug of the z stacks. that night captain zero send zank to the lucky's yard to be repaired.

In 1921 captain zero send zank to the munitions factory in up river and deliver it to the battleship.

in 1923 the z stacks are at the canal except zank cause he is staying back in the zero dock because captain

zero told him to stay at this dock. but the z stacks are on the munitions contract.

captain zero wanted zank to be his number 1 z stack of the history but zorran was jealous.

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