The Williamsport Freight is a weekly train from Parkersberg to Williamsport, in Pennsylvania. It is one of only two trains operated by both the Dock Railway (BCDR) and the Pennsylvania Railroad, the other being the Williamsport Express. The train is pulled by David until Allentown, when a train from the Pennsylvania Railroad comes to take it to Williamsport. It consist of 4 boxcars,3 hopper cars, 2 well cars, 1 flatcar, 1 gondola, an occasional tank car, and a Caboose.

Now a days, it is operated by the BCDR and the Strasburg Railroad. The train is still pulled by David until Allentown, where the Strasburg Railroad #89 will take it to Williamsport instead.


  • Boxcars-Scarlet Red
  • Hopper cars-Sandy Brown
  • Well cars-Naples yellow
  • Flatcar-Cadmium Orange
  • Gondola-Ochre
  • Tank car-Black
  • Caboose-Scarlet Red


  1. Parkersberg
  2. Bigg City
  3. Uptown
  4. Chester*
  5. Philedelphia
  6. Levittown
  7. Bethlehem
  8. Allentown
  9. Pottsville*
  10. Shenandoah
  11. Harleton*
  12. Bloomsburg
  13. Jersey Shore*
  14. Williamsport
  • The cities marked with an aterisk the train just passes through


  • The Boxcars are based on the Forty-and-eight style boxcars
  • The hopper cars are based on the Class H-70-1 hopper cars
  • The well cars are based on a Gunderson Maxi-IV
  • The Gondola is based on Class Ga-108 gondolas
  • The tank car is based on the CSOX #31084
  • The caboose is based on the GTW #77904

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