No One knows where UnderTow came from. Where hhe was built,Who his owner was,Nothing He just showed up in Bigg City port in the late 1920's. What is known that his Personality is rotten. He made the Z-Stacks look like Puppies. But most of all He was pure evil some even called him devil. One night Tencents and Sunshine were out taking Fuel out to Lily Lightship when they stumbled across a Tug Named Undertow. He was towing a secert Barge. Feeling Sympathatic they took him back to Bigg city. There Undertow Allied himself with the Z-Stacks. He worked with them for a few weeks. Then in the early winter of 1928 the Z-Stacks were going to be towing in a munitions ship named Alfred teh Great. UnderTow Delbiratly ran Severl of the Z-stacks aground and then the Star's got the contract. But while Hercules and the new Tug Berry were pulling the ship into port Alfred the great Expolded. Hercules was severly Damaged and berry was killed. An unidentified Z-Stack was seen felling the scene. Grumpas traced it back to the Old docks Reveling it to be Undertow as the culprat. After Being discoverd UnderTow fled the scene. After a week of serching He was found. After Being captured He reveled that he himself was rigged should he be captured. Undertow then Expolded taking the Coast Guard and 4 Coast Guard's Cutter with him. The Buring Hulk that once was UnderTow Sank slowly to the harbor bottom

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