Totally Super is a fan-made TUGS movie.


Ten Cents Star Tug, a normal 15 year old tug, goes to a normal high school, has normal friends, but a not so normal family. His dad (Big Mac Star Tug) is a scientist, and has been inventing new things since Ten Cents was born. His mother (Emily Star Tug) is an 'at home' mother, and is always working on their house. And Ten Cents's brother, Sunshine Star Tug, seems to be the only normal person besides Ten Cents. But now, things seem to be changing. Their dad is always in his lab and never spends any time with the family anymore. Ten Cents is worried about him, and sneaks into his lab when he isn't home to see what he's so interested in, even though he told him to never go in his lab without permission. Ten Cents accidentally trips over a flower pot as he is looking around, knocking over some potions. Sunshine runs down into the lab to see what all of the noise was, and he sees Ten Cents laying on the ground covered in the potion. Unfortunately, half of the potion that spilled is gone from the vial.
Later, weird things start happening to Ten Cents. Is it dad's potion that's causing all of this?

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