The Mad Speedboat is a pyschotic speedboat that first apeared in the Tugs episode Quarantine. He was built in Iraq, where he learned they ways of the Jihad. After he was brought to Bigg City Port, he declared a Jihad agaist the Star Fleet after Warrior accidentally bumped him. He first atempted to blow up O.J. but missed. He then tried to push Ali Johnson off a cliff but was foiled by Ten Cents. Finally, he tried to blow up the naval tramper Krakatoa, but that too failed due to a wet fuse. (Ironically, it was later blown up by Bluenose). He nearly suceeded in suicide bombing the Star Pier, but was charged again by Warrior, who pushed him onto Dem Der Rocks, where he sank. He is related to Osama the Terorist Truck.

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