== == Hercules-after just coming back from a job out sea since last night-is trying to get some rest,but sunshine wanted to talk.He keeps asking him about how he can be out sea since 8:00 at night and not get tired.Hercules falls asleep and ignores him.During the day,Captain starr constantly inturrupts his rest with frequently annoying jobs.Seeing that Hercules is tired,He decides to send warrior to do his next job-scrap collection.Warrior,unhappy with his extra work,Gets so upset that he crashes into some scrap and nearly gets trapped.all the tugs attempt to get him out.first one at a time,and then,all together.Nothing works.Meanwhile,Hercules has herad and saw everything,and just as he is about to go to sleep,Captain starr tries to tell him to get a crane to pull warrior out,but Hercules is so tired,that he instead gose to the scrap heap,pulls warrior out by himself with out any help or effort,and gose grouchly back to the dock.Almost immediatly,all the other star tugs loudly

congratulate him,and Captain starr tells him he has the rest of the day off,to which Hercules responds with,"eh".

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