One night, the Star Fleet are returning to the port after a day at the ocean towing a large tanker when they run into another tug. His name is Charles, and lived at a port in Australia. He was coming home from a day at sea when a thick fog comes in. When he tells the Star Fleet that he saw white tugs moving silently across the ocean, Sunshine explains that he saw the White Fleet, a group of tugs that we're seen in the episode "Ghosts". They take Charles to the Star Tugs port, but Captain Star is unable to keep another tug. However, when Charles proves himself to be good at pulling ocean liners, Captain Star considers taking him in. However, Zorran has seen Charles' skills, and soon, Captain Zero and Captain Star begin arguing about who should own Charles. Charles, realizing that he might break all ties with the Z-Stacks and the Star Fleet, sails out of the harbor. After a search, Captain Zero and Captain Star decide that they caused him to leave.

A month later, Ten Cents and Sunshine are taking the Princess Alice out to sea when they run into Charles, except he has people on his deck. Charles explains that he was leaving the harbor in a haste, and crashed onto some rocks. A kind gentleman towed him to a repair yard, where Charles was refurbished into a houseboat. Charles also explains he ran into Boomer, and they live in the same dock. Ten Cents and Sunshine congratulate Charles on his new job, and leave Charles to himself.

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