The Bigg City Police and the Towing Company get their comeuppance is an episode.


One day, Amanda Star-Jones Jr. accidentally parked the back of her most prized possession, her Yugo 47, on the Dude Village branch of the Dock Railway. And yes, it got towed away.

The next day, the same tow truck that towed away Amanda's Yugo was taking the Yugo to a auction, but it stalled on the crossing near McDonna Farm. At the same time, Luñ, CarlCaroline, and Lance were hauling a freight train. "Oh no!" said Carl. Luñ's engineer hit the brakes, but it was too late! The 4 engines hit the tow truck. Amanda's Yugo went flying and landed in the BCDR HQ parking lot without any damage.

The next day, Amanda, her father's ghost, and Ten Cents went to the police station for revenge.

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