Tex is the new garbage Tug in Bigg City Port to help out warrior when he needs a rest.One day Warrior was geting tired of doing the garbage detail so Captain Star decided Warrior needed help so he bought a garbage Tug named Tex who really loves the smell of garbage but Warrior doesen't like the smell but never complains about it. So Warrior and tex became really great friends together they tow Lord Stinker the garbage barge.But Top Hat really hats the smell of garbage and Tex.One night a big storm came in from the west Top Hat was on his way back to the port when a big wave caused him to spin out of control he was heading towreds a Munitions barge if he ran in to it it will blow up most importanly himslef tex who was sitting the in Harbour saw Top Hat so he decided to help him out so he moved the munitions barge out of the way and Top Hat bumped in to the dock so he thanked Tex and said he will never complain about his smell again so Top Hat and Tex became great friends.