One night, Ten Cents wakes up to see a mysterious barge sitting at the dock. On closer inspection, he discovers to his shock that it is, in fact, a barge covered in mines, explosives, dynamite, and bombs. Now in shock, he tows the barge away from the dock and out towards the estuary. When he sees that the barge is safely away from the harbor, he pulls away very quickly. As dawn breaks, the barge blows up in a terrific explosion.

The Star Fleet is waiting for Ten Cents when he returns. When they hear about the barge, they report it to the Coast Guard. After some investigation, the Coast Guard gives the tugs the most disturbing news; the barge was most likely built by the OGPU (see Lightning).

Later, Ten Cents is doing a scan of the barges in the harbor when Billy Shoepack arrives and explains a load of his dynamite barges was stolen during the night. Ten Cents suspect that whoever set the dynamite took Billy Shoepack's supplies. He asks that Shoepack hide is supplies until they can find who's been trying to sabotage the Bigg City Port.

Meanwhile, Sunshine has been a following a mysterious looking tug. The tug tends to stay around major financial areas of the Bigg City Port, and Sunshine suspects that something is going on.

Sunshine tries to interrogate the tug, who only says his name is Orpheus, and leaves without a word. Sunshine suspects he might be setting the bombs.

That night, Sunshine explains his suspicions to the Star tugs. They decide to watch the major financial areas of the port while attempting to find the bombs. Blending in with her surroundings, Emily watches Orpheus place a final barge next to Lucky's Yard. Orpheus laughs maniacally, but Emily manages to charge him with her bow and keeps him hostage in a dock. She gets him to tell her where every bomb is placed, but Orpheus tells her that the bombs are set to explode in an hour; she warns the other Star Tugs. Ten Cents volunteers to help her take the bombs out of the harbor.

With just moments before all of the bombs blow up, Emily and Ten Cents are out of the harbors. They hear a time bomb ticking. Just before the bomb explodes, Ten Cents pushes Emily to the side and they watch the bomb blow up in a terrific explosion.

Later, Emily returns to take Orpheus to the authorities when she discovers that the tow ropes have been cut, which means Orpheus is still at large in the harbor...

Story by User:TenCents