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Tanner himself

Tanner is a Canadian ex-BNSF GP9 that works on the Dock Railway.


Tanner was built by General Motors Diesel for the Manitoba Great Northern and was passed to the Burlington Northern Manitoba Limited company. Tanner worked for BNSF until his retirement. Tanner was aquired by the Jones family to work on the Dock Railway. He still wears BNSF paint, and is always clean and fresh-looking.


Tanner is based off of BNSF 1685, a BNSF GP9 currently working for the Prairie Dog Central. Tanner's number is 1686.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Tanner's model is a modified Athearn Genesis HO G62790 GP9, painted up to look like a BNSF unit and modified to resemble the locomotive Tanner is based off of.

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