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8, Janurary, 2011/Register!
This is to all unregistered contributors; your edits are great, but please register! That way it's easier to keep track of your work. Also, try not to make everything you write in bold.
16, April, 2010/Activity
TUGS Fanon has not had much activity in the past few weeks. I encourage all users, be they contributing false contributions or not, to pitch in.

Update: I encourage that all of the unregistered contributors who contribute good things please set up their own account.

14th, April, 2009/Notice
Please when creating an article refrain from creating a category so we can keep track of what categories there are. Also please refraim from editing other people articles unless given permission from them. Also, do not create any redirects. If the name of the character or story is already been used, just call the page say with this example John Smith (User:Name Here).
19th, November, 2008/Welcome
The all new TUGS Fanon is up. With the popularity of the Star Wars Fanon and the TUGS Wikipedia continuously being filled up with fanon, this site was created. You are welcome to create pages about characters, stories and upload any artwork which will relate to a page you've created. Just no uploading of pictures of anything that's not related to TUGS or anything inappropriate otherwise it will be deleted. You are not allowed to edit other peoples work. Also there may be no redirect pages.

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