Lightships and Lighthouses is the second episode of the second season of TUGS: the new Series. It was written by Trainferry88.


It was springtime in Bigg City Port. It meant, food, flowers, and, unforunately, fog. Around this time was when a lot of fog started to roll in. The "season", as it was known to fishermen, lasted from mid-spring to early fall. Without the lightships stationed around Dender Rocks, the port would be in chaos. Lillie Lightship was one of our most important lightships, but back then, the Lighthouse Service didn't think so.

"Good morning, Star Fleet. Today we will be doing our average routines. Warrior, you are on garbage duty. Top Hat, you are on you're regular railway jobs. Big Mac, Hercules, O.J., you will be taking ships in from the estuary, and Ten Cents and Sunshine, you will be logging up river with Emily. Now get to it!" Ten cents and Sunshine were puzzled. "But Captain Star, sir, today is Thursday. Today we always supply Lillie Lightship with fuel." "Not today, Ten Cents." I said. The Coast Guard informed me otherwise this morning." Ten Cents, still puzzled, left the Star Dock with his friend.

Later in the day, Ten Cents was bringing a barge past Dender Rocks. He wanted to ask Lillie why she didn't need fuel anymore. he rounded a cliff..... and Lillie wasn't there! Ten Cents gasped! "Where's Lillie?" Then he heard a noise. He looked over and he saw a tall building being constructed in her place. Little Ditcher was working with the construction workers, so Ten cents went to talk to him. "What's going on here, Little Ditcher? Where's Lillie? And what's the tall building for?" Little Ditcher sighed. "Hate to break it to ya, Ten Cents, but Lillie's being replaced. That tall building's called a 'lighthouse', and some of the workers say it's better than a lightship." "That's not true!' he cried. "Lillie is the best lightship around, and nobody can replace her!" "Sorry, Ten cents. Love to help you, but I've got to get back to work." and Little Ditcher resumed working with his wooden boards. "Wait," said Ten Cents "Just one question. Who wanted Lillie replaced?" Little Ditcher stopped working. "Hmm. That's a tough one one.....Um, they're short, squat, small, brown, have glasses... Burke and Blair! That's it." "Thank's Little Ditcher!" and Ten Cents sailed away. "Hmm. Burke and Blair. I wonder what they're up to now."

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