Starlite 1

The Coaches.

The Starlite Express is a train that runs between Bigg City Port and Uptown. It is mainly pulled by Danny , but he does let Renald take over from Uptown on occasions, since Renald is allocated to Uptown Sheds , to let Danny refuel for other trains. Marley, Cabby, and 13650 have also pulled it on occasions. It consists of 3 Coaches, a Dinning Car, a Luggage Van, and a Brakevan. It is the last privately owned intercity passenger train in the United States.


  • The Coaches are painted Scarlet Red.
  • The Dinning Car is painted Blue with a Gold and Red Stripe.
  • The Luggage Van is painted Pine Green
  • The Brakevan is painted Grey.


  • The Coaches are based on LBSCR Stroudley 4-wheel coaches.
  • The Dining Car is based on SR Maunsell Stock, LNER Gresley and GWR Suburban coaches.
  • The Luggage Van is based on SR luggage vans.
  • The Brakevan is based on GWR 20-ton breakvans.


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