New York Central Tug No. 27

Stanley's Prototype.

Stanley is a strong railway tug, who was bought to help Top Hat with the increasing amounts of carfloat and barge work in the port. He was a risk-taker, but he got along well with all the other tugs. This made Ten Cents think he was taking all the attention from him. He then decided to trick him. His chance came one afternoon, when Ten Cents was towing a string of canal boats. He saw Stanley crossing the harbor with two carfloats. Ten Cents swerved to one side, causing his string of canal boats to hit Stanley's carfloat. Stanley was wedged in between the two floats, and developed a leak. When Ten Cents saw what he had done, he immediately towed him to Lucky's Yard, where he was repaired. Since then, the two have became good friends, and Stanley even returned the favor by saving Ten Cents from a wallowing tramper. His best friends are Rodney and Top Hat, but he is nice to all the Star Tugs. He does have a grudge against Zar and Ziggy, for unknown reasons.

Stanley is based off the New York Central No. 27, a railroad tug built with more power to allow it to tow twin carfloats down New York's East River.

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