Smoker is an ocean going tug who is acts like a true sailor. He's rough and tough. He's had many adventures out of the open sea. He's traveled the world. He's traveled to places like the France and even all the way to Japan. He's strong and brave. Tugs claim that he isn't afraid of anything. He's a tug who is idolized by many poeple throughout all of Sinnoh. He is revered as the greatest tug in all of Sinnoh. The reason he's called Smoker isn't because he likes the smell of smoke or that he does smoke.As Ten Cents puts it,"it's because he puts out more smoke then any tugboat in the entire world. Smoker is brave, honest, tough, strong, smart, loyal, thoughtful, and has a heart of gold. He is one of the greatest tugs I have ever met,and I would be happy if he were in our fleet."