The Smithville Frieght is a weekly train from Williamsport in Penncylvania to Smithville, when the Williamsport Freight train stopped all of the freight from williamsport freight train goes to the smithville freight train and it was pulled by Lawrence, the two railways are connected from Penncylvania Railroad to Dock Railway (BCRR) and as the smithville freight train leaves from Williamsport penncylvania it is off to smithville to deliver the freight by the smithville workers who are the men that work in smithville. The freight train consists many kinds of freight cars like, boxcars are red, coil cars are black and white, flatcars are green, tank cars are blue and a caboose is bright yellow. One day, Lawrence was broken down, and it's up to Cury to pull the Smithville Freight Train and take Lawrence's place.

Freight CarsEdit

  • Boxcars - Red
  • Coil Cars - Black & White
  • Flatcars - Green
  • Tank Cars - Blue
  • Caboose - Yellow​


  1. Williamsport
  2. Bloomsburg
  3. Uptown
  4. Mittsville
  5. Bigg City
  6. Parkersberg
  7. Smithville

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