Silly is a steam locomotive, who ran for the Homsar Western Central Railroad, and named "Scrap Set Dressing". He is a rather random 4-6-6-4 steam locomotive that STRANGELY burns steak sauce to run. This was because to prevent lineside grass fires, he was successfully converted to steak sauce firing, because the group that restored him ran out of oil, so they used that instead. Not to mention that he is also messed up as well, don't ask me why! And he has two whistles, one is a regular 3 chime steam whistle, and the other "whistle" is a Nathan P5 horn, each for different communications! And he also has a slicer pilot, attached to his cowcatcher and used to slice every annoying thing he hates in his path, including Honda Civics.

Captain Star was the fireman at the time he had his first journey after he was restored, but Captain Zero was the engineer driving the train! That's Impossible!

"Steak sauce - Yeah, it's that important." As important as using it as fuel for a messed up steam locomotive.


Silly is based on Union Pacific 3985, except he has a slicer pilot attached to the cowcatcher, and all the stuff in his info.

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