ScarFace is a part of the Fake OPGU-The Anti Fleet. His clame to fame is that he has a very large scar running the lengh of his face dignolly. He came into port trying to smugle Drugs.At this time he had no name He was captured by the coast Guard. While in prison he set some detonator charges. During this time UnderTow set up some expolvies in town hall. When the coast Guard's cutters toke him to court he blew up the prison relasing Johnny Cuba,Tyler of the former OPGU,Mekker and finally The master of All evil Ten cents evil Twin One Cent. Scarface Fought off the cutters then barged his way into the star dock. He then Reveled that he was part of the Anti Stacks and that no one would stop them. Then he activated a bomb. He drove out but then ten cents threw the Bomb at him but it landed in the water. The expolsen damged Scarface witch gave him his Scar. He also lost and eye and he escaped. . Eventully he came back to Bigg City Port a few weeks alter and he killed a paddle wheel steamer called the SS Armstrong. HE kidnapped O.J and thertened to blow him sky high. Big Mac and Warrior attacked him and tried to rescue O.J. Scarface then reveled his titanium battering ram. He rammed it into warrior and he sank i shallow water. Big Mac fought him off and tried to defeat him. Scarface then told him that like Undertow he was a sucide Tug and then he raced towards the star dock and the coast guard gave cahse. JUst as he enterd the star dock a navel vessel blew a hole into his hull and he snak like a rock. Hsi bomb ble wup shortly after casuing amssive wave that nearly killed Ten cents by salmming him into the dockside. Scarfaces remians were recently raised and sold for scrap.

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