San Burn is a small harbor tug that Smoker, the ocean going tug, found on one of his journey's across the ocean. Smoker stopped for a rest at an island port and happened to find San Burn at a old dock in an abandoned harbor that had been long forgotten. Smoker took San Burn to the island's local boat repair shop and left him there to get repaired while he was at the other harbor. On the way back Smoker picked up the newly restored San Burn and brought him back to our harbor, where he now works happily with all the other tugs and engines. San Burn was tied to that old dock back at that island for fifty years. San Burn has missed out on a lot of the new machines we have and he's been trying to adapt to it. Once he was selected to be the judge boat for the annual speed boat races, unfortunatly one of the speed boats went out of control and rammed into the side of San Burn. Lluckily San Burn wasn't badly damaged, but the speed boat is now a pile of junk at the bottom of the harbor. San Burn is a kind tug and he's pretty humble too. You can usually see him working around river routes cause he likes to go and enjoy the peace and quiet. None of the other tugs know that if its true or not, but San Burn said that while he was up river once he saw a Suicune. He still says that he saw one up river, but I guess we'll never know if he did or not. San Burn is also a very friendly tug. He's also very good at following the rules, he hasn't broken a single rule yet. It's nice to have a tug who always plays by the rules.