Sakharine is a Diesel Swicher who previously worked in Ggibs City.


When Sakharine came for a trial for the Star Fleet, Ten Cents was asked to show him around. Ten Cents was unimpressed by the diesel tug's claims of being "revolutionary" and left him to his own devices. As a result, Sakharine was made into a laughing stock by the tugs for trying to pull some rusty old barges and failing spectacularly, and Sakharine blamed Ten Cents for not helping him. Sakharine swore a vendetta, and spread rumours that Ten Cents had given the other Tugs rude nicknames. Ten Cents was sent to Mittsville pending an inquiry into the matter, but Sakharine got too big for his bumpers and tried telling lies about Hercules. He was found out and immediately was disowned by Ronald Star.

Walter Zero, however, who was at that time looking for a new tug, was impressed by his deviousness and bought him, and he became a member of the Z-Stacks, and was renamed "Zakharine" (Much to the annoyance of Zak, who was annoyed to have someone with a similar sounding name of the fleet). However, following his renaming, he followed the old sailing legend that it was bad luck to rename a boat of any size or shape, he ran aground on Dem Der Rocks and was abandoned. However, in their haste, the crew forgot to extinguish his boiler, and he blew up from the inside. He was taken to Lucky's Yard, but the following morning, his hulk was gone. Many witnesses report a small boat leaving the port at midnight


Sakharine is, in essence, the average pantomime villain. He is oily, malicious, devious, scheming and full of ideas to get revenge. It appears Sakharine has a good side in him, but one would still have to look deep to find it.

Livery & ApearenceEdit

Sakharine is painted black with dark grey detailing. He wears a red fedora had with a black band. He also has circular reading glasses perched on his nose. He has dark brown hair, a goatte, and bushy eyebrows.


  • Sakharine is based on Diesel from Thomas & Friends.
  • Sakharine is named after Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine from The Adventures of Tintin.

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