S. C. Ruffey, also known as Scruffey, is something resembling a tractor.


When Oliver returned from the Works after falling in a turntable well, S. C. Ruffey and the trucks sang rude songs about the event. Toad, worried by the lack of respect for the engines, consulted with Oliver and Duck and made a plan. Oliver then shunted S. C. Ruffey and his lieutenants and prepared to pull them. S. C. Ruffey rallied the trucks into holding back, but this only resulted in S. C. Ruffey being pulled apart. The Fat Controller attributed the incident to the wagon's poor condition, but told Oliver not to disclose the fact, saying it was "bad for discipline". S. C. Ruffey was rebuilt following his incident and wisely did not disclose the true nature of his rebuild. Sometime later, he was being used in the coal mines when his train ran underground, eventually crashing into a roof support. He was trapped underground following its subsequent collapse. He was rescued, and worked in Oliver's yard until he smashed into a fence. After his parts were cleaned up S. C. Ruffey was crudely rebuilt into something resembling a tractor. He was later shipped to the USA to work for Old McDonna at McDonna Farm. He is good friends with Splatter and Dodge.


S. C. Ruffey was coloured grey with "S. C. RUFFEY and Co. Ballast Contractors-Tidmouth-Sodor" painted on both sides in white. Before his accident and repair his parts were all rusted and rotten. Later, he was fully grey and resembed the rest of the trucks. He now is red with "MACDONNA FARM" painted on both sides in the Old MacDonna logo colors.


S. C. Ruffey is based on a modified "Private Owner" 7-plank mineral wagon.

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