Roger's Prototype.

Roger is a proud sidewheeler who paddles from Mittsville to Stone's Neck at near the mouth of the river every day. He is friendly with the tugs, and his best frend is Gary. He likes to tell stories of the Mississippi River, where he came from. Roger was once involved in the search for Big Al. When he first met the Star Tugs, the younger tugs thought he was strange, because of his strange accent and funny stories. When O.J told him how Top Hat was making fun of him behind his back, Roger became quite sad, and wanted to leave. That night, a storm developed, just at the time Ten Cents, Top Hat, Sunshine, Zip, and Zak were working the Princess Alice. They were soon drifting toward a dangerous shoal near the estuary. Roger didn't want to help, because they had made fun of him before. As the situation became even more grave, he decided to help. With his knowledge of the hidden shoals and current patterns of Up River, as well as the estuary, he guided the tugs and their tow, towards safety. Now, Roger and the tugs are friends, and they respect him even more now.

Roger is based off the 1850's steamboat Arabia, which sank in the Missouri River, but many artifacts were salvaged recently, and are in a museum.

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