It's a hot summer on Bigg City.Once again,Bluenose it sent back by the Navy to find Grampus.As he arrvies,he is given bad looks but Z Stacks and the Starr Fleet.But once he is at Luckys Yard,he see's Ten Cents who talks to him.Ten Cents welcomes him back but notices Bluenose is eyeing around the location while he is talking.He asks Bluenose what he is doing here,and Bluenose explains that he is on the search for Grampus....which worries Ten Cents!When Ten Cents leaves,he warns Grampus to stay far away as Bluenose is on the hunt for him!Grampus heeds his warning and stays upriver with Billy Shoepack.While Bluenose is searching,he causes masive delay for all tugs.Finally as he finds Grampus,Bluenose chases him down the port and makes other tugs swirve out of the way.Finally,Bluenose crashes into rocks causing him to sink.Grampus saves him and pulls him to Luckys Yard before he is fully underwater.The day after,Bluenose thanks Grampus and trys to admit he is sorry but all he can say is "The Navy will be happy with work.".After that,Bluenose became a more gentle and kinder tug.

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