Rankin is the self-proclaimed leader of OGPU.


Rankin was built in Kiev Dockworks in 1894. From his first day on the water he caused accidents, some unintentional, some deliberate. His most spectacular 'accident' was destroying the harbour-master's house with a carelessly placed munitions barrge. It was this incident that brought Rankin to the attention of German Higher Command, and in 1900 he joined OGPU, where he quickly rose through the ranks. By 1912 he had risen to the position of General, and received the Iron Cross for his valiant actions in the First World War. When High Command decided to disband OGPU in 1919, Rankin and the other members made an escape attempt from their prison in Murmansk, and having set a nuclear submarine on fire, thus causing the guards to converge on the site, he and several other tugs made their getaway.

The outcasts hid off the Dutch coast, where they met Johnny Cuba, who was a free agent at the time. Together, they formulated a plan, hiding one tug at a time in Cuba's hold and sailing to Bigg City, where Zebedee assisted in their unloading. The tugs went underground once more, until WW2, when they surreptitiously assisted the German Higher Command, where OGPU was unofficially reformed.

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