Oscar is a friendly BP fixed platform Oil Rig which is located close to Bigg City Port.Built in 1939 for the Superior Oil Company(Now part of ExxonMobil),he was located on the coast of Alabama.He was bought by BP that same year after Finacial Troubles and was re-located to Bigg City Port to collect oil for the US Navy during WWII.During the 1940 portion of the war he was moved closer to the port as there was more oil there.He met Hercules while he was travelling to Puerto Grande to bring some freight that Izzy Gomez missed.From there he introduced him to the rest of the Star Fleet.He also knows the Moon Fleet,as they usually pass him when travelling to Bigg City Port.He is good friends with everyone,even Frenemies with the Z-Stacks and T-Piles.

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