Olive is a grumpy tugboat from Parkersberg harbor with two smokestacks. He is not friends with Star Fleet OR Z-Stacks. He came to the Bigg City Port to help with some extra work. He was disliked by Big Mac and Little Ditcher and especially loved to bully Ten Cents, not matter how hard Ten Cents tried to be friends with him. He wants to scrap Star Fleet and Z-Stacks. Finally, Captain Star sent Olive back home for his bullying.

Olive speaks with a London Northern Eastern accent. Like Zorran although he's a steam tug, Olive is fitted with deep aggressive whistle sounds more like air-horns fitted to modern diesel ships, but one with a louder sound and a two-tone signature.

Olive has a body similar to Sea Rogue and Bluenose. Olive's model was later used for Ariel.