Night Train is a fan-created episode of TUGS


Danny is making a coal delivery for the Star Tugs. Ten Cents and Sunshine are happy to see their friend, but Danny is sad. He is allways saddled with freight cars, and never gets to pull coaches. The Tugs sugest he tells the Railway Manager.

When he goes to the Railway Manager, he finds he is to pull the Starlite Express, an important passenger train, to Uptown. Danny is delighted, and brags about his special job to the other Engines. Ralph is especially annoyed, and he and Puffa try come up with a plan.

Meanwhile, Ten Cents and Sunshine are sent to aid Little Ditcher in repairs to a railway bridge. They are to take lumber barges to the workmen there. While at the lumber mill, they meet Danny. He boasts to them about pulling the Starlite Express. Ten Cents tries to tell him about the broken bridge, but Danny dosen't listen and leaves in a huff.

At 2:00, Danny goes to Bigg City Station to pick up the Starlite Express. As he is about to leave, Ralph and Puffa tell him the main line is under repair, and that he must take the branchline. The two belive this will merley delay him, but they have no idea branchine is the location of the broken bridge. They have no idea that Danny is headed for trouble.

Ten Cents and Sunshine see Danny on his way to the broken bridge. They try to warn him, but are too late. Danny goes off the bridge and lands on a lumber barge (Thankfuly the coaches don't go over, so nobody is hurt). Thankfuly, Little Ditcher and the Tugs are there to get him back on the rails. When the Railway Manager finds out about Ralph and Puffa, he is furious. He has them help Danny back to the engine yard, and they then have to pull the train to Uptown.

The Railway Manager gives a lecture to all 3 engines. Danny apoligizes for being boastful, and Puffa and Ralph apoligize for causing the acidents. The three become good friends, and Danny becomes the main engine in charge of the Starlite Express. Ralph and Puffa help, too. They never have another fight again.

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