Naval Station Bigg City, more commonly known as NS Bigg City, is a major United States Navy base in Bigg City Port. It contains a military airfield, Admiral Henbourough Airbase Field, a submarine dock, a Cruiser dock, Battleship Dock, Frigate Dock, Destroyer Dock, the USAF Dock, a repair station, five massive sheds, and other

Homeported ShipsEdit






Aircraft SquadronsEdit

Aviation UnitsEdit

  • Patrol Squadron 6
  • Patrol Squadron 48
  • Patrol Squadron 66
  • Patrol Squadron 68
  • Patrol Squadron 86
  • Patrol Squadron 88
  • Fighter Composite Squadron 186 American Jackals
  • Fighter Composite Squadron 2 Tough G'rampas
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 148 Chilly Boys
  • Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 128
  • Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 130
  • Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 42
  • Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 58
  • Scientific Deveopment Squadron 4
  • Carrier Air wing 72,assigned to USS Airborne
  • Carrier Air Wing 34,assigned to USS Bigg City
  • Carrier Wing 44,assigned to USS Tornado
  • Training Squadron EIGHT
  • Training Air Wing 6

Helicopter UnitsEdit

  • HSL-00 Zeroes
  • HSL-66 Rescuers
  • HSL-68 Sea Wolves
  • HSL-70 Air Choppers
  • HSL-74 Proud Humbles
  • HSL-80 Gray Bears
  • HSL-86 Black Bulls
  • HSL-88 Stars
  • HSL-100 Bigg Cities

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