Mr. Richard Jones (January 6, 1928) is Casey Jones' father and the current chief engineer of the Dock Railway as well as Splatter's current driver. He is the husband of Amanda Star-Jones, and Captain Zero's stepfather.

Early LifeEdit

He began working at Lucky's Yard with his best friend Ricky and his dream was to become chief engineer of the Dock Railway after his father Mr. Jones, however, he soon retired and Ricky had moved away from Bigg City Port and he became chief engineer of the Dock Railway. When the old manager retired, Mr. Jones asked his son Casey to work on the Dock Railway then Splatter needed a driver and Mr. Jones became his driver and kept his job as chief engineer. He soon married Captain Zero's sister Mimi and she changed her last name to Jones. In 1996, Mr. Jones told everyone that he is retiring and that a man named Mr. Martinez who works at Lucky's Yard will take over as chief engineer and Splatter's driver.


After he retired, Richard and Mimi moved into an apartment in Bigg City Port where they resided. They are good friends with Captain Star and his family.

Back in JobEdit

Mr. Jones announced one day Mr. Richard Jones is coming for a visit and that Splatter will pull a special carriage where he will sit in, however, Mr. Martinez got sick that morning and he felt he did not have it terrible then he stopped the train and Mr. Martinez told what was going on then Mr. Martinez called Mr. Jones that he quit his job and Mr. Richard Jones drived Splatter and Mr. Jones asked him if he want his job as chief engineer and Splatter's driver back and he said yes. Mr. Richard Jones now works again and keeps his job. He and Mimi later moved back to their old house. Mimi moved to San Francisco in 1997 and Richard and Mimi ended their marriage, and she soon remarried. Richard got together with Captain Star's sister Amanda Star and the two married and Amanda changed her name to Amanda Star-Jones.


He is seen wearing a blue cap, a green jacket, a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and a blue tie plus he has a grey mustache.

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