The Moxy Fleet is a new fleet of tugboats in Bigg City Port. They are owned by Cpt. Mox who always says "arrgh!!!!" and they like to steal the money from the bigg city port bank. They first appear in Moxy. They now own the oil rig contract.

They have one ex-US Army ship stolen from North Korea while Kim-Jong un was not looking and a cruise ship aswell.


  • Moxy Louie

Number: 1

Model:Harbour switcher

  • Moxy Harry

Number: 2

Model: Harbour switcher

  • Moxy Larry

Number: 3

Model: Harbour tug

  • Moxy Joey

Number: 4

Model: Harbour tug

  • Moxy Foxy

Number: 5

Model: US Navy Banner-class environmental research ship, mainly the USS Pueblo (AGER-2)

  • Moxy Tommy

Number: 6

Model: Cruise ship, mainly the MV Astoria (aka the MS Stockholm (1948) or whatever name it had last week)

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