Moon light is Sunshine's little sister from up river who came to help the Stars when Ten Cents was having a engine overhaul. In her first appearnce, She was quite cheeky, and caused some trouble after pushing some old barges for O.J, into and old sheld, claming, "I just wanted to play hide and seek". but, after she ran aground, she became less obnoxius and more controlled. She is often seen in the background of Bigg City Port.


Moonlight also sometines feels the need for extra attention. She resembles Top Hat in this area, and often wants to resemble him and the rest of the tugs, much to their discrace. She overall is a hard worker, and has a good personality. She even ruined the z stacks' life.


Moonlight shares the same base as Sunshine, although she has two white stripes on her side, dual bumpers in the front, which are similar to Zip's design. Her seachlight is also on on her cab, similar to Ten Cents or Big Mac.


When Sunshine was sold to the stars, It was his sister that was to be sold, but she was at dry dock geting a replacement pipe. So, instead of Moonlight, Sunshine was sent to the Star Tugs.

Andrea Libman voiced Sunshine in Salty's lighthouse; she also voiced Moonlight in Tugs.

Moonlight's name is the opposite of Sunshine's name.

Voice ActorEdit

Andrea Libman-TUGS