The Moon Probe is a space rocket that was being taken to Bigg City Port to be launched at a launch site near the Upriver dam, the rocket was built in Russia but due to the loaction of the moon the launching was to be done at the Upriver milertery base. Hannover tryed to do an atemp to steel the rocket so he told Argus and Wess to plant explosives under the road bridge near the Upriver base to blow it up when the Moon Probe was being transported across it, it worked, but Hercules found the two tugs and went in persuit along with Tiger Joe to catch them and get back the stolen rocket, in the end Tiger Joe had to destroy the rocket to stop it for getting in the wrong hands.

The Moon Probe is based on the Apollo Saturn V rocket, and the transporter is based on the MSP Transporter from Thunderbirds.