BSVY 8419 Mikado 2-8-2
is the Dock Railway's most-80's influenced locomotive.

History Edit

Marley was built in China in the 1980's for the Dock Railway. He was usually used for long heavy trains as he produced 2,270 hp (1,690 kW), making him one of the most used locomotives.

Today, he usually hauls commuter trains and works with Hogan, Bugsy, and Alex.

Basis Edit

Marley is based on a China Railways JS.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Marley's model was kitbashed from two models of a China Railways JS, one of a JS working for Pingdingshan Coal Co numbered 8057 (Model CS00301) and one of JS-8419 (Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad's JS steamer) (Model CS00303). The tender, coming from the Pingdingshan Coal model, has the Dock Railway logo replacing the Jitong Railway logo. Notably, he has Chinese and American flags on his smokestack (coming from the JS-8419 model).

Voice Artist Edit

Marley is voiced by Ben Minnotte. Ben also voices Alex.

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