Luñ is the only SD40 on the Dock Railway.


Luñ was built for the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México for freight service in Mexico. He wore the fancy Red and Green NdeM scheme until the Government of Mexico renamed their national railroad “Ferrocarrilas Nacionales De Mexico in the Mid 1980′s. He retained his number until the Government Privatized their railways into Ferromex, Transportacion Ferroveria De Mexico and Ferrocarrilas del Sureste. He used by Ferromex until 2003, where he was acquired by the Dock Railway, where Carl taught him english. He still wears Ferromex livery and logos, except with BCDR logos covering the Ferromex logos on his number plates. He now works for the Dock Railway.


Luñ is based on a EMD SD40.

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