Loretta is a tug that has colors all over her. She lives in a secret colored cave at Peter Island alone. She used to work with a group of tugs named The Purple Fleet (TPF) when she crashed onto a sandbank and later passed out. When she woke up she started befriending Sunshine and Ten Cents. Her best friend used to be a tug called Piper, but Loretta just calls her Purple Piper since she works in the Purple Fleet. Loretta misses her friend a lot. She doesn't have a cap, she has hair!

Livery: Loretta's hull is lime green and she has a purple stack.

Flashback story: Loretta was towing a old barge through the ghost river when all of a sudden a ugly sea monster came up to the surface and scared her out of her wits, fainted and ended up on a sandbank.

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