Lester awaiting orders at Ggibs City

Lester is a comic relief-providing diesel working for the Dock Railway. He is one of Bugsy's only surviving brothers.

Bio Edit

Lester was built in 1967 for the Rio Grande. His number on the D&RGW and the Dock Railway is 5316. In 1989, he was purchased from the Rio Grande prior to the Southern Pacific merger by the Dock Railway.

He has a female companion, Harley Quinn

Basis Edit

Lester is based off of a EMD SD45.

Voice Artist Edit

Lester is voiced by Denis Bateman. He sounds similar to Lester from the Vat19 commercial for "Lester's Food-Flavored Sodas".

Behind the Scenes Edit

Lester's model is a Walthers Proto HO 920-41060 Diesel EMD SD45 with Rio Grande colors (Black, Aspen Gold, Large Logo). He was renumbered from 5338 using Microscale Rio Grande locomotive decals.

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