Lance is a one-of-a-kind Dock Railway locomotive. He was owned by a trucking corporation, but his driver went mad and tailgated Richard Matheson on his way home from a golfing match with friend Jerry Sohl, on the same day as the Kennedy assassination. Later in 1994, years after 1963, he was sold to the Dock Railway for no reason at all, so Casey Jones had his truck wheels, tires, and axles removed and replaced with EMD style locomotive trucks. Plus, he was fitted with a electronic bell. He got his road number "2278" and couplings on his front and back tailgates. He was also fitted with air brakes.


You are going to get a laugh at this, but Lance is a modified Peterbilt 281.

Behind the ScenesEdit

His model is a modified Malibu International HO Scale 1:87 diecast Peterbilt sleeper cab semi truck modified with the trucks from a HO model of a EMD SD40-2. His model is powered by a small engine located in the cab. A large scale version of his cab is used for shots inside the cab.

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