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The LGBT Fleet is a new fleet of tugboats in the Bigg City Port. The fleet is owned by Captain Melissa, a transwoman who preaches a radical form of LGBT rights which reflects racism, violence, political correctness and extremism. Their logo is a rainbow-colored raised fist.

The fleet has taken to bombing Christian churches around Bigg City and the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and targeting various alleged "enemies of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people", ranging from Christian preachers to internet trolls, for assassination.

The fleet's colors are red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The fleet's slogan is "Never Again"

History Edit

The fleet originally started in the 1920's as the Rangers Fleet, and remained that way until 1984, when the fleet's captain, a Christian preacher, was assassinated by Captain Melissa's mother, a radical LGBT rights activist. She took over the fleet and renamed it the LGBT Fleet.

Fleet Edit

Kagoshima Edit

A Japanese salvage tug that was converted into a half-switcher half-houseboat, and the fleet's leading tug. Captain Melissa organizes her radical plans out of him, and builds her explosives and weapons of terrorism in his lower deck. She takes Kagoshima out to watch their plans if necessary.

Kagoshima is based off a Kasashima-class salvage tugboat of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Jazz Edit

Jazz is a experimental stealth ship built for the US Navy to determine how a low radar profile might be achieved and to test high stability hull configurations which have been used in oceanographic ships. She was ordered to be not sailed and to be scrapped by her previous owners, but the LGBT Fleet did not do that, instead using her for their terroristic operations. She is a master of stealth and was rebuilt with a muffled motor upon purchase by the LGBT Fleet. She is often involved with the fleet's more quiet operations.

Jazz is based off the Sea Shadow (IX-529), a stealth ship built by Lockheed for the US Navy in 1984.

B.J. Edit

O.J.'s brother, B.J. is a Paddle-driven harbor tug who is cold and merciless, willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. His crew is notable for bombing the Bigg City 6th Street Baptist Church.

B.J. is based off the paddlewheel tugboat Eppleton Hall.

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