Ketta and Jetta are a duo consisting of a EMD GP40 and a rebuilt Alco MT4 who work on the Dock Railway.


Ketta's historyEdit

Ketta was originally owned by the Rio Grande railroad, but when they became part of Southern Pacific she was sold to Ferrocarrilas Nacionales De Mexico and repainted into their scheme. She then worked with Ferromex until she was retired over teething troubles. She was bought by Casey Jones and was repainted back into Rio Grande paint, and with her original number. She is now a "mother" to the railroad slug she is hooked up to, Jetta.

Jetta's historyEdit

Jetta was a Alco RS11 that was damaged in a derailment in Orangeville. He was rebuilt as a Alco MT4, and was later sold to the Dock Railway. He is hooked up to Ketta, and is painted in Rio Grande paint. He happens to be a mumbling yard slug who has a burning passion for all things yard work-related.

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