Jordan Gabe Dixon Star (September 1, 1936) is the current captain of the Star Fleet, and Amanda Star-Jones' younger brother. He took over from his father who retired in 1965. He is good friends with Mr. Richard Jones and Casey Jones.


Jordan Gabe Dixon Star was born on September 1, 1936 to Jonathan Star and Jenny Star and when he was growing up his father told him stories about when his father was in charge and he told him when he retires he will get the company. When he was 13, he began working on the Dock Railway as a shunter, however, it was not Casey Jones who managed the railway it was his grandfather Mr. Charles Jones and Jordan worked there for many years. In 1964, he began working as his father's assistant at the Star Fleet, however, in 1965, he was called to the Star Dock to hear a story and after the story his father gave the Star Fleet to him and has been captain ever since. His wife is Gigi Star, and when he retires his son Ron Dixon Star will get take over the Star Fleet.

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