A steam engine. All American and tells the others what to do. A lot of brothers and sisters. They were all "silenced" after their owners discovered about them being in a war against each other. His only living brother is nothing. Was only bossy because they missed nothing. When the war ended a tugboat called Theodore cheered him up and said he was on his way home, but nothing was also coming back to the Bigg City Port. Now Joe is a member of the oil rig contract. Cheered up Puff off when his oil trucks fell into the water. In 2009 he was converted to burn coke, a type of mineral used for steel making, power generation and other various uses. In 2010, the oil rig contract ended and the contract was sold to the Moxy Fleet. A part of the BCDR's express fleet.


Strasburg Railroad #89, a 2-6-0 steam locomotive.