300px-Thomas Cunningham Sr. 1895


Jason is a hard working switcher and belonged to the muntion fleet. He is best friends with Tom another switcher who used to work with the fleet. Jason and Tom were the only tugs of the munition fleet to survive because in the story Whirlpool he and Tom made a daring eacape when the whirlpool sank the munition dock and the rest of the fleet. They seem to be really helpful around because the 2 friends rescued Hercules from falling into the whirlpool. After the events the munition fleet was no more and Jason and Tom were about to get scrapped when Captain Star bought them. Jason is cheery prankster but is serious character when it comes to rescues. He tends to panic while in trouble and seems annoyed when he thinls he is being insulted. Tom is younger than Jason and follows him like a leader. He is also a great plan maker and they almost always work.....
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