Jane waiting for the loads at Old McDonna's farm

Jane is the first elevated-cab locomotive on the Dock Railway.

Bio Edit

When Marley was getting cars to service Old McDonna's farm, he spotted a old, odd-looking EMD GP39-2 on a siding. The engine's name was Jane. She had been bought by a parts dealer and was going to be broken up for spare parts. Marley got Casey Jones and Amanda Star-Jones Jr. who had the locomotive purchased from the parts dealer. Jane now works with most of the engines as a mixed traffic locomotive.

Appearence Edit

Jane is painted in Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation colors. On her numberboards is stick on letters and numbers reading "BCDR 911". She speaks in a Southern accent.

Basis Edit

Jane is based on a EMD GP39-2, specifically the Kennecott elevated cab version.

Voice Artist Edit

Jane is voiced by Denise Oliver.

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