Group Collaboration PageEdit

This is the fifth official Group Collaboration Page.The plot will be Bigg City Port during the Atlantic Hurricane season.



The waves were crashing into Bigg City Port. It was the Atlantic Hurricane season of 1939,and Hurricane Hercules had just hit the coast. The winds were howling and the debris was flying through the air. Luckily the Star Tugs and Captain Star were safely trapped inside their shed.But they could still hear everything that was going on outside.Suddenly,the roof of the shed was torn off."Aaauuugghhh! Heelp!"cried Frank as he was slammed into an old File Cabinet.The storm got more and more intense,but suddenly,as if by magic,the storm stopped.After a while,Sunshine piped up and said "What Happened ?" "Is the storm over ?"said Ten Cents."It's the eye of the storm,"said Captain Star."It's very calm,but soon the storm will start back up again." Then a radio on Cornelius' deck started humming."I've got something!"he shouted.The room became quiet."Hurricane Eye 200 miles one hour much debris Oil Rigs disabled advised either evacuate shelter "said the voice." be careful "and then the radio went dead."We better go check to see the damage."said Captain Star.And when they opened the shed door,they couldn't believe their eyes.The port was in pieces.

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