Hunley before and after

Hunley before and after rebuild.

Hunley is a modified version of his prototype grampus. After Grampus' tests on speed and diving were a success, the Navy decided to use some of Grampus' plans to make a war submarine. Because the Navy had no further use for Grampus, they decided to use him for target practice and blow him up on the 4th of July. Luckily, the Star tugs were able to save Grampus by pretending to parade in the "danger zone" and replaced Grampus with some logs with white flags at each end. In World War I, Hunley was stationed in Germany at a naval base along with some other submarines. The naval base was later raided by German warships, and many of the soldiers were killed and all of his own friends were blown to peices. He was truamitized by the incident, and barely spoke. After the war, he was taken back to the naval base and unwillingly continued to work for the Navy. He still had gotten over losing his friends in the war, and it wasn't untill he met Grampus when he recovered. Grampus knew what it was like to lose his friends since the Star fleet had closed down. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hunley had a rebuild and was stationed in Hawaii, and soon afterwards Grampus was bought by Jonathan Star to be apart of the Star Fleet.


Hunley is named after the submarine the H.L. Hunley that served in the Civil War with the Union.

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