Hover is a helicopter that serves as a tender to USS Tornado, Hover can also do outher job's, sutch as helping to put out fire's and help evacuate people from sinking ship's. He atend's to get anouyed by Mike and Chris when they arguee, like the twin's, Hover talk's out of a speaker. He is based on a HH-43 Huskie Helicopter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Hover's model was built useing a "Hawk" HH-43 Huskie model kit, the particular kit used was the version that came with a motor for the rotor's.The real "Huskie" had an unusual inter-meshing contra-rotating twin-rotor arrangement with control effected by servo-flaps, this coulden be done with the model, wich ment that one of the rotor's had to omitted.

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