Helios is a modified ocean going tug and cousin to Hercules. Built in 1910,

he served in New York Harbour until he was badly dameged in the Black Tom Island Explosion in 1916. He was repaired and sent to Bigg City to work up river. However, he wasn't fixed properly and his boiler exploded when his injectors failed. He was salvaged by the Star Tugs and sent to Lucky's Yard. For days, Hercules waited for his cousin to emerge. When he did it was a very big shock.

 Helios asked to be turned into an ocean going crane tug.  He now works with the

salvage team, pulling ships of Dender Rocks and selling them to Burke and Blaire for a quick profit. He can use his crane some what like how Indiana Jones uses his whip. It is essentially Helios' swiss Army Knife. He can do anything with it, includeing doing something he calls barge fishing. He speaks with a heavy New York accent and wears glasses.