Erika, commonly known as Harley Quinn, is a insane alcoholic-influenced locomotive.

Bio Edit

Erika was built in 1998 by Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works in China for the Dock Railway. At first, she was normal, but due to her driver, fireman, and brakeman being alcoholics, she grew insane and often caused derailments. In 2003, she was retired after she ran over and killed a passenger that was boarding a Amtrak train at a station. Her crew in anger, forced Bigg City Rail Repairs to make her better, as a result, BCRR repainted her to resemble Harley Quinn from the Batman comics and gave her a face, and after that, Erika had become Harley Quinn.

She acts as a companion to the diesel Lester.

Basis Edit

Erika/Harley Quinn is based off of a China Railways SY.

Voice Artist Edit

Erika/Harley Quinn is voiced by Arleen Sorkin. Coincidentally Arleen voiced the character Erika is nicknamed after!

Model Edit

Erika's model in her original days and as Harley Quinn are the same! Erika's model was repainted and renumbered from a model of NYS&W 142. For her Harley Quinn model, the same model of NYS&W 142 was given a clay face and eye mechanism. The eye mechanism came from a broken Bachmann Percy which the producers bought for parts, and she has 20 faces and emotions.