The HMS Jerusalem was a humongous ocean liner. On one faithful night, Zip and Zug had been attempting to bring her as salvage into the Bigg City Port. They accidentally tore a huge hole in the side of the hull, and the ship filled with water. With the help of the tugs, no one was hurt, although Jerusalem sank 3 hours after impact.

In the years since the Great Depression ended, the wreck of the ship was rediscovered, and helped bring the Bigg City Port out of debt. Many divers enjoyed going down to look at the once pride of the sea herself. In 1973, the decision was made by the port to finally raise the remains of the Jerusalem. To do this, several steel arms were placed beneath her and a "cage" was created to keep her intact. At the present, she has been restored to her former glory and is permanently docked as a floating hotel in the estuary.

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